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Even Newer PC!

2012-01-07 23:26:19 by dragonslayer182

I'm going to build myself a new PC. The one I have right now is too loud and slow. And the new one I'm building is going to be able to rip the head off of a bull! I don't know the exact specs yet, so watch out for a new post!

New Computer!

2011-02-02 21:03:48 by dragonslayer182

Just today (Feb. 2nd), I fixed my computer, but the one I was planning on bringing back to life was un-usable without a HDD wipe. So, I fixed the old IBM Thinkcentre (Made BEFORE Lenovo, so i didn't say Lenovo), and it turns out that the one I WAS able to repair had the specs of about a modern computer, except for the HDD (40GB) and the graphics card (64MB). Yep, I'll admit I'm a geek! XD

Here are the new specs:
2.6GHz Celeron D (Intel)
64MB Intel "Extreme" Graphics (I REALLY Doubt that it's "extreme".....)
1 CD-RW Drive
1 3 1/2" Floppy Drive (OLOLOLOLOLOLOL Seriously, With specs like these, IDK why theres a Floppy Drive, not saying i hate DOS)

Oh Shit.

2010-11-22 22:34:02 by dragonslayer182

I'm getting signs that my laptop is falling apart. First of all, its becoming slower than usual, and the "Generic win32 directory services host" is derping ALL THE FREAKIN' TIME. And second, the laptop will sometimes stop reading the god-damned audio hardware in my laptop. i have about 25$, and acess to ebay. Time for a new laptop?

Comment posting :D

2010-10-07 21:29:08 by dragonslayer182

Just chat in the comments :D
My bio:
A short-tempered robloxian with a high ranking in the U.C.. Similar to crashgek in a few ways. just LOVES pizza, also a sucker for spicy food. Very intelligent and also a computer expert (or geek, lolz). Retro gamer.
I.Q.: 139
Abilities: All sorts of fire powers >:D
Favorite food: Cheese pizza with hot sauce on top
88% American
12% Cherokee Indian
Favorite Weapon: Nuke gun
Top 3 Games:
Duke Nukem 3d
CoD 2 Multiplayer Mode

Comment posting :D

Flash Series un-cancelled!

2010-10-02 13:36:14 by dragonslayer182

I am currently working on my first REAL flash movie, "What is roblox?" (What is love meme lolz). Green:Neopiantrooper, White:Micahgiiet, Blue:Zurg59, Red:Dragonslayer182 (ME! :D)
Heres a frame from what im working on:

Flash Series un-cancelled!

I'm an Artist!

2010-09-18 17:31:04 by dragonslayer182

I have decided that instead of doing flash, i will do Art.(sorry all those who were gonna be in the cast :( )
So expect moar art!